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We have built careers of hundreds of Salesforce Admin&Development architects with 100% job assistance in various Companies. “Training to Job Placement” – is our vision.

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Why Salesforce Admin&Development in Huddle Rise?

If you are planing to set you career as a cloud architect, then you are at the right place. Huddle Rise is considered to be one of the Salesforce Online Training institute in Bangalore India .

Highly Rated Salesforce Admin&Development Training Institute

Since we are deleving a good quality of subject that helps us to rate us high in google about 4.8/5

ISO Standard Certification

Huddle Rise will provide you an iso standard certification for the one who completed course in our institution

24/7 Technical Support

Providing 24/7 coading support that will helps students to clarify their doubts at any period of time

Job Assistance

With Grate quality of our Salesforce Admin&Development Training every student can capable of getting a job easily and quickly

Job Assistance

Resume Building

We will Help you to Build your resume efficiantly by Industry experts This will make you to land in your desired Job

Real Time Projects

Dealing with real time projects which will makes you ready as experianced Cloud architect

Mock Interviews

Helps candiates to know about their skills on Perticular subject and getting interview tips

Be a cloud architect

Start your work with your desired job through placements that we offer to you

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Class Room

Upcoming Batches


Class Room

Limited Seats Available


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Syllabus >>>

1.Introduction to the Cloud Computing

2.Evolution of Cloud Computing

3.Comparisons with other computing techniques fetchers

4.Advantages/DisadvantagesKey characteristics of cloud computing

5.Classification of Cloud Computing

6.Based on as a service model

7.SAAS (Software as a service)

8.AS (Platform as a service)

9.IAAS (Infrastructure as a service

10.Based on deployment or access model


12.Private Cloud

13.Hybrid Cloud

1.What is CRM?

2.How CRM can help?

3.Sales force CRM Navigation terminology

4.Compare CRM with other CRM products

5.Customization in sales force .com CRM

6.Introduction to sales force CRM Setup tool

7.Personal Setup

8.App Setup

9.Admin Setup

1.Sales Cloud

2.Service Cloud

3.Collaboration Cloud

4.Project development life cycle

5.Sales force editions

6.Apex data loader



3.Change Sets


1.Set your organization language & locale

2.Manage currency

1.Create custom profiles & custom fields

2.Define dependent pick list

3.Customize lookup fields

4.Customize validation & formulas

5.Customize page layouts

6.Customize standard related lists

7.Use field-level security

1.Define workflow

2.Set up workflow rules

3.Set up workflow tasks & alerts

1.Plan approvals using workflow

2.Use the approval wizard standard vs. jump start

3.Create workflow approvals

1.Create & Manager User

2.Set organization-wide defaults

3.Learn about record accessed

4.Create the role hierarchy

5.Learn about role transfer & mass Transfer functionality

6.Profiles, Login History

1.Importing overview

2.Learn about import solutions & Custom Object records using the data loader

3.User mass delete

4.Initiate weekly export

5.Use storage

1.Create custom reports

2.Use advanced filters

3.Use conditional highlighting

4.Use custom summary formulas

5.Use dashboards

6.Extending Salesforce CRM:

7.Learn about custom objects

8.Learn about custom tabs

9.Learn about custom web tabs

1.The AppExchange

2.Install an app

3.Delete an app

1.Introduction and Tools

2.Purpose of Visual force

3.MVC Architecture

1.Variables and Formulas

2.Standard Controllers and Standard List Controllers

3.Custom Controllers and Controller Extensions

4.Using static resources and custom components

5.Styling VF pages

6.Overriding buttons, links and tabs with VF

7.Using JavaScript in VF Pages

8.Using JavaScript in VF Pages

1.Introduction to Apex

2.Puprose of Apex

3.Apex Fundamentals




2.Invoking Apex

3.Invoking Apex

4.Testing Apex

5.Dynamic Apex

6.Batch Apex

7.Debugging Apex

8.Deploying Apex

9.Developing Apex in managed packages

10.Objects and the Database

11.What is an sObject

12.SOQL and SOSL Queries

1.Introduction to Lightning Experience

2.Lightning Component Framework

3.Introduction to aura framework

1.Enabling and Disabling of Lightning Experience for your organization

2.Migrating from Classic to Lightning Experience Vice-Versa

1.What is Domain Management?

2.Creating Custom Domain for the organization

3.Configuring Custom Domain

4.Configuring Authentication Setting for your Domain

1.Lightning Inspector

2.Installing Lightning Inspector Extension

3.Enabling of Debug mode in Lightning Components

1.What is Static Resource?

2.Steps for Creating Static Resource

3.Stylesheet Creation using Static Resource

1.Using Lightning Component for embedding Static Resource

1.What is CSS?

2.Types of CSS

1.Creating Namespace for your organization

2.Lightning Resource

3.Creation of Lightning Resource using Console

4.Lightning Application

5.Lightning Component

6.Lightning Interface

7.Lightning Event

1.Steps for creating Lightning Component


3.CSS Styles






9.SVG File

10.Component IDs

11.Local IDs

12.Global IDs

1.Value Providers

2.Global Providers

3.Global ID





1.What is Custom Labels?

2.Steps for Creating Custom Labels

3.Getting Label in JavaScript’s

4.Setting Label using Parent Attributes

5.Component Documentation

6.Creating Component Documentation


8.Designing in lightning Experience

1.Steps for creating Lightning Application








9.Adding of SVG resource to Component Bundle

10.Adding Lightning Component to application

11.Tabs and App Launcher

12.Adding of lightning components to a custom tab(lightning tab)

13.Adding of the lightning page to a custom tab(lightning page tab)

14.Adding lightning components to an app launcher


16.What is Salesforce1?

17.Installing of Salesforce1 Simulator

18.Adding of Custom Tabs to Salesforce1

19.Lightning Experience

20.Lightning Pages

21.Lightning App Builder

22.Adding Lightning Components to Lightning Page

23.Visual Force Pages

24.Displaying of Lightning Application in Visual force Page

1.Insertion of data into an object

2.Retrieving Data from a particular object

3.Input Components

4.Output Components

5.Lightning Components

6.Force Components

7.Lightning Interface

8.Lightning Interface


What is Salesforce Admin&Development ?

The "Salesforce" is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that provides all departments of your organization, including marketing, sales, customer service and e-commerce,a unified view of your customers in An integrated platform

Salesforce integrates all its equipment and technologies into a unique CRM platform, so that each employee can interact with customers as if it were an individual company, rather than separateand independent departments.

Why to learn Salesforce ?

Devoting time and resources to training in the use of CRM Salesforce software is extremely important, not only to have a much simpler adoption process and avoid resistance to change by users, but it has been proven that companies that Investing in the learning and training of this tool reports a return on investment greater than 80%. This is due to the fact that they get to know more in-depth the functionalities of this system and take advantage of them to obtain better results in their commercial process.

Customer orientation is quickly becoming a critical success factor and we know that your company's Salesforce solution plays a key role. It is important to have the necessary skills to make the most of Salesforce implementation. Our Salesforce courses will help you learn to implement, configure and manage your Salesforce instance, as well as learn how to build, extend and deploy custom applications in Salesforce.

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