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We have built careers of hundreds of web developers with 100% job assistance in various MNCs. “Training to Job Placement” – is our vision.

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Why Angular in Huddle Rise?

If you are planing to set you career as a cloud architect, then you are at the right place. Huddle Rise is considered to be one of the Best AngularJS Online Training institute in Bangalore India.

Highly Rated Angular Training Institute

Since we are deleving a good quality of subject that helps us to rate us high in google about 4.8/5

ISO Standard Certification

Huddle Rise will provide you an iso standard certification for the one who completed course in our institution

24/7 Technical Support

Providing 24/7 coading support that will helps students to clarify their doubts at any period of time

Job Assistance

With Grate quality of our Angular Training every student can capable of getting a job easily and quickly

Job Assistance

Resume Building

We will Help you to Build your resume efficiantly by Industry experts This will make you to land in your desired Job

Real Time Projects

Dealing with real time projects which will makes you ready as experianced Cloud architect

Mock Interviews

Helps candiates to know about their skills on Perticular subject and getting interview tips

Be a cloud architect

Start your work with your desired job through placements that we offer to you

Upcoming Batches

Class Room

Limited Seats Available

Upcoming Batches

Class Room

Limited Seats Available

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Variable declaration

Arrow Functions

Template Strings

Type safety, inference and intellisense, Interfaces,Decorators

Creating a new project

Project settings


Building and serving

based architecture

Generating project elements

Root Angular Module

Component definition

Component types

Template syntax

Data, property and event binding

Using directives and pipes

Inputs & Outputs (events)

Component style

Data projection, building a wrapper component

Querying view and children

Dynamic components

Understanding the role of the Provider

Understanding the injector tree

Creating and using a class provider (service)

Other provider strategies

Configuring providers

Observables and RxJS


RxJS Operators

Creating Subjects and Observables

Setting up the router


Child routes

Routing params

Lazy loading

Sync and async Pipes

Built-in Pipes

Writing your own pipes

Template-driven forms

Reactive forms


Form validation

Custom validators

Async validators

Http requests (GET, PUT, POST)

Configuring headers


Progress events

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